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   Noncommercial Partnership of Assistance to Cynology Development

"Nezavisimiy Regionalniy Cynology Allianсe" NRKA

NRКА conducts successful cynologie activity in territory of the Russian Federation and the near abroad countries, according to the Charter.

NRКА conducts the documentation in the uniform form, registers a dogs in the General Breeding Book, stores the data in uniform base, with uniform numbering.


Since 2007 President NRКА is international expert – Pashchuk Maria



C 2009 NRKA has signed the Contract on cooperation with Union of Cynology International - UCI (Germany) one of the oldest international systems cynologie.

NRKA  is Official Representative UCI in the Russian Federation.

Pedigree, certificates of cynologists, certificates and the titles received in NRКА, according to the bilaterial contract with UCI, admit the organizations members UCI in all countries-partners UCI.


NRКА gives possibility of registration both to private owners of dogs, and already operating breeders, clubs and the centers cynologie on all territory of the Russian Federation.


Activity NRКА is directed on active development of cynology:


- Carrying out of dog-show in Russia .

Dog Show NRKA are known for high level of examination of dogs, an excellent prize fund and the polite relation of organizers to exhibitors.


- Educational activity for cynologists and owners of dogs of Russia and the near abroad.

Courses, the seminars directed on training and improvement of professional skill as users, and highly skilled cynologists – experts, instructors will be organized.


- Development and support of nurseries and clubs in Russia with a high degree of quality of a livestock of dogs of various breeds.


- Development of dog sports.

Competitions are held. There is a support to development of new sports in Russia and in the Near abroad countries.


We invite to cooperation clubs, nurseries and private factory owners!


Договор НРКА и UCI



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